As the word spreads about Sridhar Vembu, an Indian business magnate having received Padma Shri under the Trade and Industry category, Zoho comes into the spotlight for obvious reasons.

Most of us have been unaware but it is astonishing for us Indians to come to a realization it was Zoho which is the biggest tech startup success from India.

Founded in 1996 by Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas in Pleasanton, California, this company had its necessary ups and downs before it reached its milestones for which it is being known. Named AdventNet Inc. during its initial years, this company expanded…

You’re eating your dinner and suddenly you freeze!

From 1917 to 1928, half a million people were afflicted with a scary condition called “Encephalitis Lethargica”, also known as the ‘sleeping sickness’. This first appeared in Europe and quickly spread around the world, reaching North America and India. About a third of those with the illness sadly died.

The victims, very much alive and conscious, found themselves in a frozen state; a still body, but a prisoner of their mind. People with this condition fell asleep, or froze whilst eating or working. …

I feel sorry for this man,

Brian Banks.

He had his entire life ahead of him coming out of school. He was proposed to be one of the best football players America had ever seen.

Until a cheerleader accused him of rape and he was sent to jail.

He spent 5 years in jail, and then 5 years on a strict probation, until 2012, 10 years after she accused him of it, she came out and said she lied about it and he had done no wrong.

10 years of his life were just ruined by some woman who, for…

The man in the picture is Yoshinori Ohsumi, he won The 2016 Nobel Prize for his discoveries into the mechanisms of “autophagy”. Also known as ‘self-eating’.

Autophagy is the process in which cells degrade and recycle their components when let to starve. For example, when we let our body to starve for an abnormal time and cells doesn’t have any external fuel for running, so they breakdown cellular components which promotes cellular survival by maintaining the cellular energy levels.

Autophagy when done on a regular basis can provide longevity and even cure cancer.

So you may wonder what is the…

A chance discovery

In the year 1905, while sifting through a heap of some old and abandoned palm leaf manuscripts in the Mysore Oriental Library, 37-year-old librarian, Mr. Rudrapatna Shama Sastry, stumbled upon something unusual. It was a Sanskrit book, written in the Grantha script, which thus far was believed to be lost for ever.

One life changing Translation

Within a few years of publishing an English translation of this manuscript, Mr. Shama Sastry went on to receive over 100 major awards, accolades and honors, around the world, including doctorates from universities in Washington D. C. and Calcutta; The title…

In 1794 AD, The Third Mysore war took place between Tipu Sultan and the Britishers.

Cowasjee, a Parsi bullock-cart driver commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Ward, and four other British soldiers were taken prisoner by Tipoo at Seringapatam (modern day Srirangapatna, Mandya, Karnataka). Their noses and hands were cut off and the men were sent back to the British army, along with their amputated noses, as a mark of humiliation. Nose amputation was a common punishment for adultery, witchcraft, theft, and for prisoners of war at that time in India, Arabia, Persia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

A British doctor came forward…

46 years ago, on 16th December 1971, a 16 year old Nazma Begam woke up to some commotion outside her barrack, early in the morning.

Before she could collect all her consciousness, a tall man in military uniform entered — flashed a torchlight around — checked the cell — counted the number of women — and signalled everyone to walk out.

Nazma was a bit surprised — usually they never allowed anyone to leave the barracks during the day — Her body, which was still in pain owing to the 8 rapes she endured last night, protested — but the…

Vijay Malllya has offered to settle the issue on multiple occasions. His latest offer -

In my opinion settlement will be done once the following objectives are met-

  1. He agrees to pay as per governments calculations and not his own calculation. As per indian government he was to pay 9000 crores to banks however as per his last offer, he wanted to settle the issue by paying 4000 crores. Indian government has spent lot of amount in the attempt of extradition process too. He may be asked to pay that too.
  2. Government would also want to trap a few bureaucrats…

Elon is NOT developing the next video game, social media app or even the next smartphone …

Elon is a visionary genius with the relentless passion, purpose and courage to take humanity to the next era.

Elon revolutionized global payments with PayPal. Today he’s attempting to revolutionize human transportation, energy, communications and space exploration.

  1. Rocket launches (SpaceX)
  2. Global Internet Access (Starlink)
  3. Automobiles (Tesla)
  4. Solar Energy (Solar City)
  5. Tunneling (The Boring Co.)
  6. High speed transportation (Hyperloop)
  7. Energy Storage (Batteries)

How does he manage, lead, and control all these revolutionary projects? I have NO idea!

Just like we can distinctly identify the world ‘before and after’ Steve Jobs — History will remember the world ‘before and after’ Elon.

Few achievements of ancient India !

  • The decimal place-value and a symbol for zero which developed in India in the 1st Century AD became the precursor of the Arabic numeral system. The practice of using a decimal mark is derived from the decimal system used in Indian mathematics.
  • Rulers for measuring were first used during the Indus Valley Civilisation (2600–1600 BC). These rulers were made from ivory, divided into units corresponding to 1.32 inches (33.5 mm) and were marked out in decimal subdivisions with accuracy to within 0.005 of an inch.
  • Weighing scales were first used during the Indus Valley…

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